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This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Sustainable Development. Step into the world of Guatemala and experience its breathtaking beauty while you meet and engage with local and international specialists and other innovative individuals who will deepen your knowledge about sustainability.​ Learn how to become a global partner of today, where your participation results in long-lasting effects. This is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring workers in sustainable development, mid-career professionals, or just anyone interested in the field of sustainable development!


The program weaves conservation, cultural heritage, socio-economics and nature awareness while respecting the social dynamics of the surrounding population. Every session will provide: immersion in an integrated model of sustainable living; high quality language classes; coursework in diverse themes related to Sustainable Development; active and collaborative learning methodologies led by our team and Latin American experts.

Our other partner organization for this trip will be the Maya Association Uk’ux B’e. This group sponsors a network of community organizations seeking to increase political incidence and a school based on Maya values and technology. Through participating with leaders from this organization in the Holistic Action Planning for Innovation (HAPI) methodology you will develop your leadership skills as you co-design a sustainable solution that will improve local quality of life. Travel with comfort and safety as we take you on this inspiring journey.


  • Learn about the Global context through the lens of the “People’s Goals for Sustainable Development", a world-wide coalition of grass-roots organizations that serves as a platform from which policy decisions can be influenced on a national and global scale.
  • Meet and dialogue with change makers such as community activists, social entrepreneurs, local NGOs, educators, and women’s organizations.
  • Learn about Guatemalan history and culture through workshops with local authorities
  • Spend 9 days immersed in rural Guatemalan culture, sharing the home of a local leader
  • Participate with other travelers in a Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) and create individual and group works of art that represent your learnings
  • Co-design solutions in a mixed group of 5 local leaders and 5 fellow travelers using the HAPI methodology
  • Have free-time on a Saturday to explore cultural activities and nightlife in Antigua, an UNESCO World Heritage Center
  • Participate in a Mayan fire ceremony​


Gaining Sustainability in Guatemala

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