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2004 - Humanitarian Aid to Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Donation program of books and computers

Under the direction of Francis Udisi, ERI Program Coordinator Nigeria/USA, Gordon Abiama, ERI Program Coordinator Nigeria and Fr. Jean Claude Atusameso, ERI Program Coordinator Democratic Republic of Congo/USA, Earth Rights Institute has organized the shipment of 10 ocean containers of humanitarian donations to Nigeria and the Congo (DRC).


Totaling over $5 million USD, these donations are for educational, medical, and sustainable development purposes.

Shipped from the USA our humanitarian aid container included:

  • 200 wheelchairs and medical equipment donated by Wheels for Humanity
  • 2000 textbooks and other educational materials donated by CORE-CA, Drew Medical University Library, and Ralph Nader
  • Student materials donated by Heartfelt Foundation


A container of books were also each donated by Project Hope, Books for Africa (BFA), and International Book Bank, all USA based non-profit organizations dedicated to uplifting the living standards of the under-represented, the poor and vulnerable around the world.

A&E Television Network and other computer donors made the donation for the shipment of containers of computers and other educational materials.




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