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Meet our Europe Team!

Starting in 2017, we are proud to have team members in Europe. Their efforts have mainly been on building a bridge between our African partners and European institutions and corporations that have an interest in supporting and collaborating with our programs.

Jerome Leonelli

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"Building bridges rather than walls" that is Jerome Leonelli's motto, as he enthusiastically dedicates his entrepreneurial skills and his European network to Earth Rights Institute.  Jerome Leonelli lives near Paris, France. He is a Parisian, who has always been in the field of training; working for multinationals, French and European companies and also administrations and business schools. His expertise stems from being a member of ETMA - European Training Media Association.


Ayanthi Perera

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Curious about everything, Ayanthi is particularly interested in the environment and culture. Rich in her two cultures, Sri Lankan and French, trilingual, she aspires to an international career. 

Dimitri Selinger

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A native of Brussels, Belgium, Dimitri brings over 15 years of expertise in the food industry to work with ERI. He holds a MSc Engineer in Agriculture and Agrifood Industries, a Cert. in International Development and Cooperation and more.

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