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Earths Rights Institute is constantly seeking interns and volunteers year round. We are grateful to all of our committed interns and volunteers who donate their valuable time and skills to make our programs successful. At Earth Rights Institute there is an abundance of opportunities for college-age students, recent graduates, or graduate students to gain experience working in the field of international development by practicing our unique approach.

We also have volunteer positions for experienced professionals who wish to donate their time and share their skills in helping us improve our programs.


Available Positions

Meet our Current Interns & Volunteers

Past Interns & Volunteers

Andy Currier, Alexis Sherman, Daniela Fernandez, Valentina Baccianella, Seana Parker-Dalton, Jennifer Vitanzo, Kevin Lee, Elizabeth Bogumil, Ny Ony Razafindrabe, Elizabeth Manzo, Louise Lopes, Corina Marie Quiroga-Lozano, Kameron Fisher, Anna Moody, Niramon Ung, Michelle Meskill, Shuxian Liu, Rita Zheng, Daniela Lombardo, Margot Brahmi, Anita Gill, Isabelle Levine, Ricky Cappe, Carina Camacho, Joy Shui, Carey Cameron, Amy Jacobowitz , Angela Chen, Anne Flaherty, Antoinette Brou, Camille Surujbhan, Genni Low, Kristy Nguyen, Nguyet Tong, Sophie Burress, Tatiana Yanuaria, Jessica Cherry, Perrine Vaillant, Kayla Casavant, Hristo Maroko, Beth Packer, and many more


What our interns and volunteers are saying

Ricky Cappe
Living Lab

"In my experience with ERI Living Lab, I was able to connect with people and programs that are actively making a difference in the world. Seeing the direct impact of my time and energy invested, provided immediate gratification in knowing that my efforts and energies are received, accepted and actually put to use.

Ovidio Alvarez
Living Lab

"Becoming part of ERI Living Lab two years ago had a positive effect on my outlook of the great work that is done locally and abroad by non profits. I would like to encourage others to take part locally as well as abroad. Change comes one step at a time.

Isabella Levin

"I had the great pleasure of interning at Earth Rights Institute. Here I got to understand the inner workings of a nonprofit, engage with other stakeholders and members of the organization, all while working toward s perpetuating a culture of sustainability and environmentally focused community building.

About Earth Rights Institute

The Earth is the birthright of all people

Earth Rights Institute (ERI) is designed to be an equilateral knowledge platform, where local people collaborate with academics and development professionals, both local and foreign, by exchanging skills, experiences, and knowledge to solve crucial development issues such as widespread poverty, land right disputes and environmental degradation.

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