ERI is no longer able to offer our fiscal sponsorship program as we will be phasing out this service in 2021!

Earth Rights Institute loves to collaborate and support others doing good around the world!   It has been an honor for us to offer through our fiscal sponsorship program, a way for you to receive the benefits of being under a non-profit organization. We regret to say that we can no longer do this service and will be dismantling during 2021 the remaining programs that we are currently supporting.


Earth Rights has been a proud sponsor for the following programs. 


Let us know your interest in having ERI be a fiscal sponsor to your organization.



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Early Childhood Music-based Language Development Program is developing training, education and scholarship initiatives for an online music-based language program that supports young children with autism and delayed speech development. This interactive program, Sing and Speak 4 Kids was created by iQsonics and employ a clinically tested therapy called Developmental Speech Language Training through Music (DSLM).   It will serve as a supplement to other speech therapy modalities, guided by the Training Team of teachers, therapists and parents.

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Diabetes has become a pandemic in Liberia. People are dying from the disease complications due to the lack of awareness on the disease symptoms, prevention and management. Type 2 diabetes is the most prevalence. Since the establishment of the Liberia Diabetes Testing Center, we have provided testing, counseling and nutritional supplements to hundreds of people that are suffering from diabetes from all ages and social background. The center mission is to take diabetes education and testing to the local communities in Liberia and to end the premature death of citizens due the lack of awareness on the disease prevention and management.  This project is directed by James Momoh.


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