Culture of Peace

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This peace program will identify and design holistic programs for the implementation of pilot projects in areas around the world that are recovering from global, internal, economic and political exploitation and ecological degradation. By harnessing the latest technologies of communications, with the skills of peace experts, environmental economists, ecological planners and designers, this program will lay the ground for a healthier planet that will be conducive to creating a new generation of ecologically aware human beings.

The aim is to concentrate on building solid networks between skilled persons and local leaders in order to produce appropriate solutions to the problems in the region. The program will introduce the tools, resources, planning systems and educational materials needed to implement long term improvements for local communities. It is to serve as a catalyst for new and bold ideas on how to build a culture of peace within the region. Each initiative will be fully documented and include a database of contacts, resources, and the development of locally customized educational materials. With each successful program/campaign will set the role model to duplicate a similar program in another area of the world.

This project is to serve worldwide and especially targeted in areas that are in the recovery from the devastation by war, ecological catastrophe, economic collapse or significant political instability.


Culture of Peace - Syllabus

Culture of Peace - Eco-justice Pedagogy Base for Change


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