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Earth Rights Institute recognizes that an important aspect of enduring social change on a global scale is collaboration at local and international levels and securing dynamic partnerships with governments, groups, organizations and skilled individuals who share common goals and vision in development.

Becoming a partner of Earth Rights Institute means joining a worldwide network of like-minded institutions that share a common vision for the future of the world. Partnering with Earth Rights Institute is an excellent way for your organization or business to connect with other organizations in our network in order to share knowledge, experiences and skills while gaining global visibility for your cause.



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Other businesses and organizations we have partnered with on various projects.


11th Hour Campaign, Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce & IndustryBlack Mesa Water CoalitionBonobo Conservation InitiativeBooks for AfricaCitizen Advocacy Center, Coalition for a Sustainable Development, Cool Planet LabsCouncil of Georgist OrganizationsCounterpart InternationalCreation FilmsE.F. Schumacher Society, Eastern Economics Association, EcoEarth Alliance, Ethical MarketsGive Them a Hand, Global Education Associates, Global Green USA, Global SoCal, GO CampaignGreen America(former Co-op America), Green Institute, Huairou Commission, Industrial Polymer Research and Development, Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Jicarilla Apache Cultural Center, Land and Liberty, Michigan State UniversityNecessity HousingThe Niapele ProjectPeace Partnership InternationalSave Water Today Project, Society of Forest Development, Sustainable Village, The Jewish Community Endowment Fund, The Peace AllianceThe Robert Schalkenbach FoundationThe Tides FoundationUniversity of California Los AngelesUNEP Billion Trees CampaignUnited African CongressUnited Indians of All TribesWheels for HumanityWiser EarthWomen's Environment & Development Organization


ANEV (National Ecovillage Agency, Senegal), Centre national de la recherche agronomique(Ivory Coast), Coalition for a Sustainable Haiti, Corporate Council on Niger Delta Affairs (Nigeria), Federation of Organizations of Women for Sustainable Development of the North--Ivory Coast, GEN-SEN (Global Ecovillage Network--Senegal), Green Belt Movement International (Kenya), Jatukik Providence Foundation (DR Congo), l'Universite de Cocody-Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Minister des mines et de l'energie (Ivory Coast), Ministere de l'enseignement superieur et de la recherche sceintifique (Ivory Coast), Ministere de l'environnement des eaux et forets (Ivory Coast), Ministere des Affaires Esrangers (Ivory Coast), Ministere des l'economie (Ivory Coast), Publish What you Pay (Nigeria), The African Union (Ethiopia), Universite Gaston Berger (Senegal), Institut National De La Statistique(Ivory Coast), National Agency for World Development and Support (Uganda), Development Fund for Vocational Training (Benin), Green Cross International (Burkina Faso), Africa Centre for Geoclassical Eonomics (Nigeria), African Network for Environment and Economic Justice (Nigeria)


Gaia University (Germany), Global Ecovillage Network (Scotland), Heinrich Boll Foundation(Germany), Intelligent Food (UK), International Union for Land Value Taxation (UK), Alliance for a Responsible and United World (France), Swedish FoundationSwedish International Development Agency


National Center for Agricultural Research (India), Global Greens Coordination (Australia),Harmony Foundation (China), The Institute for Integrated World Development (India),Cumbre Ambiental Colombiana (Colombia), Instituto Ecologia Politica (Chile), Museo Aha (El Salvador), Prout Research Institute (Venezuela), SIGLO XXIII (El Salvador), EarthShare(Australia), The Institute for Economic Democracy (Canada), International Institute for Sustainable Future (India) United Nations NGO affiliatations: UN Habitat Global Land Tool Network (Partner), UN Financing for Development (NGO Caucus member), UN Economic and Social Council (NGO status with IU), UN Commission for Sustainable Development (NGO Stakeholder with EcoEarth Alliance

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Earth Rights Institute (ERI) is designed to be an equilateral knowledge platform, where local people collaborate with academics and development professionals, both local and foreign, by exchanging skills, experiences, and knowledge to solve crucial development issues such as widespread poverty, land right disputes and environmental degradation.

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