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The United African Congress, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization in the United States with its National headquarters based in New York City and branches in Georgia, Ohio, California, and Connecticut. Founded in 1998, the UAC is an umbrella organization representing the interests of 3.5 million continental African immigrants throughout the United States of America.  They are the voice of the diaspora living here in the th USA.  UAC is an official voting member of the African Union and work very closely with the United Nations on important issues concerning Africa.  Their goal is to buid strong ties between Africa and the USA. This is not an easy task as we enter challenging times in our political situation.

Earth Rights Institute is a proud partner of  the United African Congress since 2006.  Together, we have worked on numerous initiatives that include: participation in the NYC African Union Day Celebration; Haiti Ecovillage Project, Million Signatures African Campaign and other Diaspora initiatives.  In April 2016, UAC presented on ERI behalf at the Green Festival NYC.  ERI attended their important UN General Assembly event to address Ebola and Next steps.  We honored to continue our work with the UAC and look forward to building a more secure, peaceful and green planet.  We will always be supportive and a voice for our African friends.


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