Course:  Become a Leader in Sustainable Development

An innovative course using powerful tools and processes that prepare you to be a leader of sustainable development in the global community.

Build your leadership skills and enhance your knowledge of the global sustainable development movement. 

This is a unique learning opportunity that includes virtual observation of a group of indigenous entrepreneurs applying our Holistic Action Planning for Innovation (HAPI) methodology. This process draws upon multiple proven tools such as

  • Human Centered Design
  • Productive Thinking
  • Strategic Planning to generate sustainable solutions


Become a change maker!


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Our Course "Become a Leader in Sustainability" UDEMY is currenting undergoing a maintenance service and updates.  Please be patient as we hope to get it up and running by October 2017   For details, please feel free to contact us!





Length: 7 weeks (2 to 3 hours per week)



Course:  Land Rights, Land Value Taxation and Commons Rent

Land Value Capture is a public revenue policy recommended for national action by consensus of all UN member states in both the UN Habitat II Agenda in 1996 and The Vancouver Action Plan, the 1976 founding document for UN Habitat. Land value capture can provide a substantial and practical means to raise the revenue needed to implement Local Agenda 21 sustainable community plans, meet the Millennium Development Goals, and provide needed community services.





About Earth Rights Institute

The Earth is the birthright of all people

Earth Rights Institute (ERI) is designed to be an equilateral knowledge platform, where local people collaborate with academics and development professionals, both local and foreign, by exchanging skills, experiences, and knowledge to solve crucial development issues such as widespread poverty, land right disputes and environmental degradation.

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